Immigration, Naturalization & Visa Law.

Immigration, Naturalization & Visa Law

Are you afraid to return to your country because of your religious beliefs, political opinion, sexual orientation or race?

If so, you may be eligible for asylum.  There are generally two groups of people who can apply for asylum: (1) those who have suffered harm in their country or (2) those who fear harm in the future if they return to their country.
Immigration Law
If you suffered harm in your country and recently arrived in the United States it is very important that you file your application for asylum within one (1) year of your entry to the United States.  Our office can help you prepare your application and the documentation that is required to support your asylum application.

If you recently began to fear returning to your country, then you should file your application for asylum soon.  For example, if you recently joined a religion or political organization that is not permitted in your country or if there is a new government in place that would target you upon your return to your country; you would become eligible to apply for asylum.

Being granted asylum can be the first step on the road to becoming a United States citizen.  One year after being granted asylum, you may apply to become a Lawful Permanent Resident or a “green card” holder.  After having your green card for five years you may apply to become a United States citizen, through a process called naturalization.

Has a family member or friend been arrested and detained by ICE?

This person, known as a detainee, will most likely be placed in Removal Proceedings before the Immigration Court.  A detainee may request a hearing before the Immigration Judge to request a Bond, so that he or she can be released from detention while awaiting his or her immigration hearing.

When deciding whether to grant a bond, the Immigration Judge will look at several factors, including: criminal history, work history (including whether he or she has paid taxes), relatives in the U.S. (especially U.S. citizen spouses and children), community ties etc.

We can help you request a bond hearing from the Immigration Court and help you prepare all of the supporting documentation that the Immigration Judge will need in order to make a decision regarding the bond request.  We will go to the Immigration Court and advocate for your relative or friend before the Immigration Judge to obtain the bond.

If the Immigration Judge grants a bond, the bond can be paid to any deportation office in the U.S.  So, if your relative is being held in Texas, you will be able to pay the bond at the deportation office in New York.

In the event that the Immigration Judge denies the request for bond, the detainee will still have an opportunity to apply for some kind of relief from removal, which would allow him or her to remain in the United States.  For example, he or she may apply for asylum or cancellation of removal (also known as a 10-year green card).  Our office can help you prepare these applications and help you gather all of the required supporting documentation.

Are you a United States citizen who is married to an immigrant?

As a United States citizen you may petition the U.S. government to grant your spouse lawful permanent resident status, otherwise known as a “green card.”

We can help you and your spouse prepare the application and all of the supporting documentation required by USCIS.  We will prepare you for the interview that you and your spouse will have to attend with an official from USCIS.  An attorney will also accompany you to the interview.  Having an attorney throughout this process is the best way to ensure that your application is completed accurately and that you and your spouse are fully prepared for your interview.

If you and your spouse have been married for less than two years when he or she is granted a green card, then your spouse can only be granted a conditional green card.  In that case, you and your spouse will have to file a joint petition about two years after the green card is approved.  The purpose of this petition is to ensure that you and your spouse have continued to live together as husband and wife and that you have a bona fide marriage.  In order to get this joint petition approved you will have to provide USCIS with evidence similar to that which you provided in the initial green card application, such as joint bank documents and photographs.  After that petition is approved, the conditions on your spouse’s green card will be removed and he or she will have a green card without any conditions on it.

A person who obtains their green card through their United States citizen spouse is eligible to apply to become a United States citizen after having their green card for only three years.

Are you an undocumented immigrant who has been living in the United States for over 10 years and has a United States citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident parent, spouse, or child?

You may be eligible to apply for cancellation of removal, also known as, the ten year green card.   This form of relief is designed to protect your U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident relative(s) from suffering extreme hardship if you were forced to return to your home country.

You may only seek cancellation of removal before the Immigration Court.  The Immigration Judge will assess the hardship to your relatives if you were to return to your country.  This hardship may be a financial one; it may also be medical or psychological.  The Immigration Judge will also consider your moral character and any criminal history you may have in deciding whether to grant your application for cancellation of removal.  If the Immigration Judge does grant your application, you will receive lawful permanent resident status, in other words, you will be granted a green card.

Sofia Dee – Your Immigration Attorney

Sofia Dee - Immigration Lawyer
You will be represented by Sofia Dee, the daughter of the firm’s founder, who offers you a complete service in immigration, naturalization and visa law. She handles each case with an initial and individualized assessment of the facts to determine the various options available to each client. She will subsequently work with you to evaluate those options and establish the best course of action. She will continue to work with you and your sponsors throughout the process and is available at all times for any concerns or questions that arise.

Services range from Employment and Family based- nonimmigrant and immigrant visas and naturalization to removal and deportation defense.

Call Sofia toll-free now on 1-800-HAROLDDee

The following is a list of our Practice Areas:


B-1 Business Visitor
B-2 Visitor for Pleasure E-1 Treaty Trader
E-2 Treaty Investor
E-3 Treaty AUSFTA
F-1 Student Visa
H-1B Specialty Occupation
H-2 Temporary Worker
H-3 Trainee Visa
J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
K-1 Fiance Visa
K-3 Spousal Visa
L-1 Multinational Executive or Manager
O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa
P-1 Entertainment Visa
R-1 Religious Worker Visa
T Victims of Trafficking
U Victims of Crimes


Family Based

Adjustment of Status
Sponsorship of Adopted Children and Step Children
Consular Processing
Removal of Conditional Resident Status
Extreme Hardship Waivers

Employment Based

Aliens with Extraordinary Ability in Sciences, Arts, or Business
Outstanding Professors and Researchers
Intracompany Transferee Executive and Managers
Professionals with Advanced Degrees
Aliens with Exceptional Ability in Sciences, Arts, or Business Professionals with Bachelors degree or Skilled Workers
Unskilled Workers
Special Immigrant Religious Worker
Schedule B Aliens


Cancellation of Removal for LPRs and Non-LPRs
Adjustment of Status
Political Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Convention Against Torture Relief


VAWA Applications
Work Authorization
Advance Parole Travel Documents
Humanitarian Parole
FOIA Requests



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