What is the Dream Act?.

What is the Dream Act?

Immigration, Naturalization & Visa Lawyers in New York State

Immigration, Naturalization & Visa Lawyers in New York State

New Immigration Policy Keeps American Dream Alive For Young, Undocumented, Immigrants

The Dream Act allows certain people to apply for “Deferred Action” who came to the United States as children. Deferred Action allows these people to remain in the United States without fear of deportation and may also allow them to be granted a work permit. LTL Trucking Company
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Who is eligible for Deferred Action under the Dream Act?

If you meet ALL of the following requirements you are eligible to apply for Deferred Action under the Dream Act:
1) You entered the United States before your 16th birthday;
2) You have been continuously residing in the United States for since at least June 15, 2007
3) You are older than 15 years old today
4)You have not yet turned 31 years old
5) You have graduated High School or received your GED in the U.S. -or- you are currently attending High School in the U.S.
6) You have not been convicted of a Felony, a Serious Misdemeanor, or 3 or more non-serious Misdemeanors
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