Westchester County Speeding Ticket Attorney.

Westchester County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Caught speeding
Speeding tickets in NY range from 3-11 points depending on the excessiveness of the speed. Most police officers conducting speed enforcement have been trained in the police academy to visually estimate the speed of a moving vehicle and verify that visual estimate using either Radar or Laser technology.

Alternatively, a police officer can Pace a motorist-Pacing is when a patrol vehicle is following your car at the same rate of speed and the officer checks their speedometer to see how fast you are traveling. Whether you were charged with Radar, Laser or Pace, The Attorneys at Harold Dee, Attorney at Law, P.C. can defend you for speeding in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Columbia, Rockland, Orange and Ulster Counties.

Most times, we can negotiate the ticket down to something that carries less points, less DMV penalties and is better for insurance. Alternatively, we have the experience and knowledge to rigorously defend a motorist and cross-examine the police officer regarding their training and whether or not the instrumentality used to calculate your alleged speed was working properly on the day in question.

A motorist’s privilege to operate in NY will be suspended for a minimum of thirty days if they accumulate eleven points for tickets written in the same 18 month period or revoked for a minimum of six months if convicted of three speeding tickets issued within 18 months (DMV uses the violation date in their 18 month calculation).

Any conviction for a moving violation will stay on your DMV record for up to four years and your insurance company can surcharge you on that conviction for that entire time. Speeding offenses in NY have the following points associated with them.


1-10 Miles Over The Limit 3 Points
11-20 Miles Over The Limit 4 Points
21-30 Miles Over The Limit 6 Points
31-40 Miles Over The Limit 8 Points
40+ Miles Over The Limit 11 Points
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