Traffic Attorney – New York State.

Traffic Attorney – New York State

“Do I Really Need A Traffic Lawyer For A Simple Ticket?”

When the resulting impact on your auto insurance can last up to 4 years, then the short answer is “Yes“.

But here’s the clincher… It will cost you about the same amount of money to plead guilty as it will to hire an attorney, so you may as well dramatically increase your chances of getting a better outcome in your case.

Outside of New York City, there is a good chance a lawyer can get your penalty reduced via plea bargaining. This means not only paying lesser fines to the court and fees to the DMV but also reducing or potentially escaping altogether an insurance surcharge, which can be a very expensive proposition.

It’s a little trickier in New York City as there is no plea bargaining but it’s still possible if you know how the game is played there.

“OK, I Need A Traffic Lawyer, Why Should I Speak To Harold Dee?”

Harold Dee is a former NYS and NYC Traffic Court Judge, who has officiated over 25,000 hearings involving violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Ticket Law and has been specializing in helping clients with DUI charges like you since 1987.

What Does This Mean To You?

Because he knows all the courts, all the judges, all the cops and all the clerks of the court who book the hearings, Mr Dee has the necessary connections, experience and know-how to get you the best result possible – see what other satisfied clients are saying below.

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Harold Dee

“Harold Dee is the consummate competent professional. My experience with him was flawless. I hired him to represent me for a traffic violation (50 in a 30 zone). He said that he would take care of everything and he did. One month later I received the results of his work; my traffic ticket was reduced to a parking ticket! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney for vehicular matters.” – Seymour

“Mr. Dee handled my son’s traffic ticket to a satisfactory conclusion/result some years ago. Presently, he was successful in changing the disposition of my moving violation to a much reduced charge.

Mr. Dee is very knowledgeable on the law, but more so of the mechanics of the various jurisdictions and their idiosyncrasies.” – Dale

“He is truly the best!!! The entire experience was easy and helpful!! I have never needed a lawyer nor had any idea what I was dealing with and Harold and Iris were there for me every step of the way. Thanks!!”Hilary Franz

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