Deerpark Town Court.

Deerpark Town Court

Deerpark Town Court traffic ticket ,speeding and DWI Attorney Harold

Deerpark Town Court traffic ticket speeding and DWI Attorney Harold Dee.

Deerpark Town Court

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The second largest township of Orange county borders Pennsylvania and the Delaware River. Despite the geographic size, Deerpark is a quiet rural town with few major cases. Route 209 and a squib of I-84 are in the town.

Hours of Operation Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm untill all cases are finished, the DA holds court every 3rd Wednesday at 7pm and trial cases when necessary Judges The Honorable Judges Laurie Osowick and Anthony T. TuFano (some sources indicate a Judge John Ehre) Prosecutors Orange County DA Francis Phillips. Type Of Cases Small claims, traffic infractions, DWI. Maybe speeding tickets from Route 209 and I-84 Call locally 914-241-7963Harold Dee Attorney at Law, P.C. 1-800-Harolddee or 1-800427-6533

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