Clarkstown Court.

Clarkstown Court

Clarkstown Traffic Court Lawyer
Clarkstown DWI Lawyer

If you have a pending case in the Clarkstown traffic court, don’t risk your license. Call the experienced legal professionals at the Law Offices of Harold Dee.

Mr Dee and his team of family attorneys have represented thousands of motorists in traffic courts throughout the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws. Charges have ranged from: speeding tickets, traffic tickets, cell phone violations, DWI arrests, reckless driving, suspended operators and suspended registrations, and a host of others. Harold Dee can represent you in the Clarkstown Traffic Court if you have been charged with a moving violation, DWI or any other traffic related crime.

New York State traffic courts normally allow attorneys to represent defendants with written authorization from the client, however, it is not so with Criminal Court where the Defendant’s presence is normally required. In both CT and NJ, Courts want the Defendant present in court, excepting special circumstances.

The Law Office of Harold Dee specializes in helping clients with traffic ticket violations and crimes since 1987.

Meet The Harold Dee Legal Team Available To Represent You In The Clarkstown Justice Court:

Clarkstown Traffic Court Lawyer. Clarkstown DWI Lawyer.

Clarkstown Town Court

The Clarkstown Town Court is located at 20 Maple Avenue in New City, NY 10956. The Court’s jurisdiction extends to the communities and hamlets of Bardonia, Brownsell Corners, Centenary, Central Nyack, Congers, Germonds, High Tor State Park, Lake Lucille, Mount Ivy, Nanuet, New City Park, Nyack Beach State Park, Oakbrook, Rockland Lake State Park, Spring Valley, Upper Nyack and Valley Cottage.

The court handles 22,000 traffic tickets each year, the vast majority being speeding tickets written by New York State Troopers on the New York State Thruway (I 87) and on the Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP). Clarkstown Court is one of the three courts that handles most of the speeding tickets written on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, the other two being Stony Point and Orangetown. The PIP is heavenly monitored and patrolled and a great source of revenue for the local and state governments. The message is not to push the limits of what is tolerated by the police on I87 or the PIP.

The bright side is that there may be plea bargaining available to you. The Clarkstown Town Traffic Prosecutors may allow, on a case by case basis, a guilty plea to a lesser offense than originally charged. This depends on the severity of the charge, the driving record, and sometimes the attitude quotient assigned by the arresting officer. The message here is don’t have an attitude! Your goal at a car stop is not to have the officer remember the event. Be polite and respectful. Save your argument for later.

If a motorist is charged with a speeding ticket, the Clarkstown Town Traffic Prosecutor may offer, and the Court may allow, a plea to a reduced charge of a violation that is not a speed, something to consider. Three speeding convictions and/or misdemeanor convictions (Operating While License Suspended, AUO, Speed Contest, DWI, Operating a Vehicle with Suspended Registration, Reckless Driving, and Log Book Violations are all VTL misdemeanors) for offenses written in New York and/or Canada, within the same eighteen (18) month period, will result in a minimum six (6) month revocation of one’s New York State license or “out of state privilege”. Restricted or conditional privileges may be available in this situation. See “License Suspension” elsewhere on the site.

There are four Judges in Clarkstown that share the duties in the Court’s various parts including traffic, landlord and tenant, small claims, civil matters, weddings, etc.. The Clerk of the Court will answer questions in person at the window between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday or by telephone at 845.639.5960 and 5970.

If you received a ticket all that is required of you is to get a plea (Not Guilty or Guilty) back to the Court within a couple of days of receipt. You may retain this office; sign a Notarized “Authorization to Plead in Absentia” that we prepare based on a copy of the ticket that you mail, fax, or email to this office. We make any and all appearances, discuss and argue your case with the Prosecutor, settle the matter with a favorable disposition or schedule the matter for trial. If there is a settlement and a fine due on the negotiated plea, the Court normally allows two weeks time in order for the represented motorist to pay.

Mr. Dee helps people charged with speeding and other traffic ticket and criminal offenses. Harold Dee understands the legal system and works hard to win by presenting the best possible arguments and defenses on your behalf.

Please call our office at 1-800 harolddee or 1800-427-6533 for a free telephone consultation with a knowledgeable paralegal or attorney to discuss your pending New York speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, or DWI misdemeanor or felony matter.

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